Gay Girl Casually Reviews Games #8: Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (2018)

Strolling around my favorite village (I first read it as ‘lumpia’ lol).

Why play?

* For some fast-paced platforming action.
* For a Tomba-esque gaming experience.
* For fun puzzles.
* To be a pig.

Avoid if:

* You’re not a fan of platformers.
* The art style ain’t your cuppa.

This little puzzle in Lava Caves can be quite frustrating and I’m proud of solving it (after multiple tries) even before I got the the ice-freeze ability thingy!


Monster Boy is an action-adventure platformer, with a healthy dose of puzzles and exploration.

This family turned into foxes and racoons. Meanwhile, I turned into a pig hihi.
At the end of each boss fight, you unlock a new animal form.


As the story progresses, Jin develops the ability to transform into different animals.

Choose the best animal form that fits a level’s physical environment. Image from PC Invasion.
  • As a snake, you can spit venom (which is also used to light up crystals in dark unlit places), crawl against mossy structures, and forge your way into tiny spaces. When plunged into water, you will automatically float back up to the surface.
  • For me, Jin’s frog form is the most versatile one. You can attack enemies using weapons (i.e., swords, spear) or your very long tongue; equip accessories (i.e., armors, magic bracelets, shields, boots); spit out stolen bombs; float, swim, and dive (breathe) freely underwater; and on top of all that, you can swing your way through horizontal and vertical obstacles using your tongue — control-wise, it’s like Spiderman shooting webs up in the air.
  • As a lion, you can also use weapons and equip the above items; like a pig, you can do dive attacks; you cannot swim underwater; but you do possess the so-called charge ability, which allows you to run fast, bump into, and destroy enemies or barriers (i.e., rocks, vertical and horizontal obstacles).
  • I am yet to unlock my dragon form, and I am so excited to finally be able to fly!
This shopkeeper doesn’t look very friendly…
  • You can buy them from certain shops across different parts of the game’s world (i.e., certain items are only available in certain locations).
  • They can also be levelled up through the services of a blacksmith. You pay in gems, which you acquire from cleverly hidden treasure chests.
The thingy below the frog is a special save checkpoint with healing features. Image from GameSpot.
  • You can replenish your magic spell points by purchasing them from a shop, using golden coins.
Life heart treasure chest found in Lupia Village. Image from Switchaboo.
  • You can also find special treasure chests containing additional life hearts (i.e., Jin starts out with only 3 life hearts; right now, I have 8 and there are plenty more life heart treasure chests to find).
As you can see, all Lupia villagers have turned into animals. That’s Ollie the musician, I think he turned into an otter? Image from Neoseeker.
I am yet to unlock all parts of the world map. Image from Steam Community.


At first, I wasn’t so into Monster Boy’s art style…but my feelings changed once I started playing.

Intro plays out like an anime.
Monster Boy’s original form prior to the curse: A normal blue-haired lad.


I do have a bias for liking Jin because he reminds me of Tomba

Had to roast myself in pig form just to extract information from this hungry pirate lol.


Monster Boy’s humor is quite weird and I like it!

This bandit, Mack Malino, challenged me to a race at the Hidden Temples.


Overall, I love Monster Boy’s instrumental OST.


I got Monster Boy on sale from the Nintendo eShop for around USD17 (Php850), down from its original price of USD34 (Php1,700).

Jin’s frog form is my favorite! And bats are among my least favorite enemies (haha).


Monster Boy is among my best game purchases this year!


Developer: Game Atelier
FDG Entertainment
Initial Release Date:
December 2018
Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC



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